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In simple terms, the Treehouse is a children's play centre with a restaurant. We’ve all been there haven’t we? Two hours of our lives spent in a soulless warehouse drinking bad coffee and eating frozen pizza wondering what happened to the dreams of our youth. Of course, the kids are having a great time, so that’s the most important thing right...?

Well, we’re approaching things a little bit differently.

In our play areas you won’t see any of the gaudy colours and padded mats you may be used to. Think more of a Swiss Family Robinson adventure playground. Rope bridges and wooden houses to climb into and explore. An enormous tree to climb all the way to the top floor.  A slide that wraps all around it to bring you back down! A sports area to burn off all that energy. A non-stop disco complete with UV cannons, glowing graffiti, fluorescing cubes, and a projector showing Just Dance to teach you dance moves all day long!

Our restaurant serves a menu of delicious dishes made from the freshest locally sourced ingredients for both children AND adults, catering to gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free requirements too. Oh, and forget queuing at the counter with a tired and screaming little loved one. How about full waiter service instead? Now, what to order - perhaps freshly made pancakes and a smoothie, a medium rare rib eye steak with a glass of red? A market fresh salad? A Vegetarian sharing platter? Freshly made pizza and a glass of chilled white wine? Or perhaps a glass of prosecco and a homemade cake? The choice is yours. And of course, you want to sit in beautiful surroundings don’t you? Perhaps under the canopy of a silver birch forest? It isn’t called the Treehouse for nothing!

We want to create a haven for children and adults alike, but actually more than that, we want to create a community hub. As a new mother, I felt the isolation and loneliness of being at home with my baby after my husband went back to work. With such unpredictable weather, I found the selection of places to go to with a baby very limited. I craved somewhere I could go to all the time, without having to ask myself daily what to do to entertain us both.

There were the mother and baby classes, but they all seemed to take place in places with no nearby café in which to socialise afterwards with other new mothers. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place where all these classes took place? A place where right outside the door to the classroom there was a baby and toddler play area where I could sit down and have a lovely salad and proper hot chocolate? A place where I didn’t feel awkward with the unpredictable behaviour of my baby? A place where I didn't have to stick to a strict class schedule and book onto a 6 week course and lose out if I missed one, I could just drop in and join a class if I felt like it? A selection of classes would be a dream! 

And what about those times on a weekend when people take the children to a sports or dance class? Wouldn’t it be great if they could drop them off and enjoy a fantastic breakfast in the same building? Or how about a class for all the family to join in together? Sports, Dance, Yoga, Cooking, Crafts - catering to ages from babies to toddlers to pre-schoolers to school-goers at after-school clubs and weekends, these are just a few of what we have to offer. This is the very heart of the philosophy of The Treehouse – a family hub where everyone can enjoy quality time together at breakfast lunch or dinner times (I didn’t even mention the pyjama club yet did I?!).

That place I always craved – it now exists.

I look forward to welcoming you to The Treehouse very soon.

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