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Sleepovers at Treehouse

For groups of 24 or more we offer exclusive use of the entire Treehouse premises for a whole night! Packed with fun activities, delicious meals, and access to all our play areas this makes for one truly special and unforgettable night!

Cost per head: £35

Here's what's included:

Free access to all play areas within Treehouse
Craft / slime-making session
Glow Dance session
Film, popcorn & drink
A member of Treehouse on-site at all times

At least one member of Treehouse will be on site at all times throughout the sleepover. We require that one supervising adult per 6 children attend the sleepover from your party. Adults come free of charge with meals and drinks included.

For more information, enquiries, or to book please contact Amy on or give us a call on 0161 503 8880

Permission has been obtained from all parents whose children’s photos have been displayed here.  




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